Mom, who retires and moves North?
— Jamie Gray

Marti and David Gray are the proprietors of the James A. Thompson House.  They were born and raised in Colorado and Wyoming respectively, but spent the last 35 years in the quiet state of Iowa raising 3 children.  Even before considering such a venture, several yearly trips were made to Lanesboro to enjoy friendship, outdoor activities, and Marti's favorite past time staying in B&B's.  When a chance discovery was made that the Thompson House was on the market, they were awed by the good fortune.  Marti always wanted an Italianate home, and David always wanted to live by a stream.  It didn't take us long to make the decision....we had found our home!

While we understand that we own the house, we firmly believe she belongs to the community of Lanesboro.  We're pleased to open our doors to the public and travelers alike.


About the house.